Wireless networks make connecting your devices and sharing data among computers, cellphones, and handheld devices in a specific area accessible within a certain range. There are several ways for wireless networks to deploy faster:   
Bluetooth connections to PAN (Personal area network) offer numerous speeds to satisfy the number of users on a network at any given time. When we meet with a client, we access the results for which the customers’ needs are before recommending or installing devices. We can help you select correct type of heads set for your office staff to have right keyboard and mouse.
We install WIFI networks for business and homes and configure Wi-Fi AP devices.

Some of the features we can setup for customizing your Wi-Fi

We also provide site to site Wi-Fi network.

If you have 2 offices across the street we can set outside antennas and beams from the network to a second building.
We provide all your end to end wireless network solutions.  Call today to schedule a free estimate for your Wi-Fi solutions

Past Wi-Fi installations:
Javier's restaurants: We manage 7 restaurants for Javer's restaurants in Utah. We have setup 3 different Wi-Fi accounts for:

Our guest account, guest can go to any 7 location and uses internet for free for 1hr. after 1 hour they must re-log in to the network. also, we do control what get can and can’t do over the Wi-Fi for safety and security reasons.