Business Computer Network Support and Installation

When your company needs to share a printer, documents, or internet as well as computers, we are here to make those applications and changes as smooth and seamless as possible. There are many ways to setup a computer network; however, computer networks can be wired or wireless depending on your scale of business. Networks can be in the same office, or in a home-based business with multiple offices with different ranges. Reasons may include:

You have more than one computer
The need to share resources like internet documents, printers, computers, tablets or cell phones
Your computer security needs
Your need to monitor internet activities of employees

Having the proper computer network can not only help you with your efficiency and productivity. Data security from inside employees to outside personnel can protect you.

Janadhi & Company offers everything you need to have your network run effortlessly and effectively. We advise clients on the proper equipment that is right for the application being used. Any equipment Janadhi & Company buys on behalf of their customers; we will be more than happy in assisting with the warranty programs as well as any RMA paperwork. We leave our customers with fully installed industrial standard wiring and network diagrams. These diagrams are vital in helping our network engineers as well as your IT managers in pinpointing any system problems quickly.

We can monitor your network remotely into your computer in your home or office. This application can reduce your downtime. We want to know if there are any issues reducing the networks capability before any problems arise. We offer a free one time network assessment. We want to be your second set of eyes and find out what we can do to make your network run properly.

Please call us today (801)528-3976 to schedule an appointment for your Business Computer Network Support and installations.